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Month: June 2018


I’d been seeing Dr. Werner for 20 years. It’s nice to have modern stuff in. Always liked Barbara. Joann. [Location is] very convenient for me – I work in city. [The bridge I have now] is really professional – really nice compared to what I had. I really like the way it looks.


“When I first met him, he was just very outstanding. So friendly and nice. We just hit it off right to begin with. He was just a really good person. He is very nice. I do think he did a great job on my teeth. Everything about him just stood out as a very good person. He was right away just encouraging me – he was telling me how good he could make it look and he did just what he said he could. And I have had no problems whatsoever. Everything about it – I was well pleased. I didn’t want to change [dentists] after I’d been with Dr. Werner for years, and I knew if Dr. Werner had recommended someone it would be a very good person. I’m still telling people about him.”