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Best Dentist in Taylor!

Does going to the dentist make you feel like this????

toddler in dental chair

Come visit Dr. Brannock in Taylor, Texas and you will feel like this————

toddler in dental chair smiling

And when your teeth are cleaned and fixed you’ll shout for joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

toddler in dental chair laughing


(Baby Boy is Dr. Brannock’s son, William.)

Beautiful Property of the Month Award!

IMG_1948 (1)

In February, the Taylor Chamber of Commerce awarded Mallard Creek Dental the BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY OF THE MONTH AWARD!

Come by and see our new trees and flowers! And while you’re admiring the great looks outside, come inside and schedule your next dental appointment!

Mallard Duck visits MALLARD CREEK DENTAL



On a beautiful fall afternoon, Dr. Brannock spotted a Mallard Duck coming by the office to visit. Tucked behind the newly planted bushes, the Mallard Duck was making himself comfortable! He is one lucky duck to have made his way to such a GREAT DENTAL OFFICE IN TAYLOR, TEXAS!


Dr. Brannock attends the American Dental Association’s National Convention

IMG_0368 (1)

Dr. Richard Brannock is a member of the American Dental Association and attended the American Dental Association’s National Convention at the beginning of October 2014. He joined hundreds of other dentists from around the world to listen to lectures on Research-Based Dental Procedures and small business improvement. Dr. Brannock enjoyed his time at the convention and his patients and staff will benefit from all he learned at the Convention.

Dr. Brannock: The Vice President of Kiwanis Club in Taylor


In September 2014, The Taylor Kiwanis Club installed new officers for the 2014-2015 year, which started October 1, 2014. Dr. Richard Brannock has been involved in Kiwanis Club since 2013 and was named the 2014-2015 Vice President. The Kiwanis Club meets weekly and brings together community leaders who strive to improve the Taylor area and serve the community. Dr. Brannock enjoys being involved in Kiwanis and looks forward to many years of future membership and service.

Taylor Public Library

Timmy the Tooth at the Taylor Public Library

Introducing Dr. Brannock as TIMMY THE TOOTH!

On Wednesday, February 19th, Dr. Brannock was invited to attend STORYTIME at the TAYLOR PUBLIC LIBRARY. Dressed as TIMMY THE TOOTH, Dr. Brannock instructed the children and parents on how to keep their teeth healthy. He taught the children which foods are good for their teeth and which foods are bad for their teeth. Timmy also talked to the children about coming to the dentist every six months, and what happens when you go to the dentist.

Dr. Brannock enjoys getting involved in the community. He strives to help all people –  young or old – keep their teeth healthy and eliminate any fears associated with coming to the dentist office.

Keep your eye out for TIMMY THE TOOTH! You just might see him around Taylor, bringing HAPPY and HEALTHY smiles to everyone he meets!

Timmy visiting with one of the children at the Library.

You’re Invited To Our Blue Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

  • Who: The entire Taylor-area community
  • What: A Blue Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, hosted by The Taylor Chamber of Commerce
  • Where: MALLARD CREEK DENTAL, 501 Mallard Lane
  • When: 4:00pm, Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bring in the NEW YEAR by coming to our Blue Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Please come enjoy some light refreshments and share in this exciting time with your dental family at MALLARD CREEK DENTAL.