Hi Mattthanks very much for the email, it’s very flattering to hear that anynoe finds me out here in cyberspace. I think I met you at the AAO this year, I was the irish guy who bought some mirrors from you. I was also quite impressed with your special compact camera (Pentax I think) with the LEDS centred around the lens for intra oral use, and I thought that illuminated back light was a great idea I presume there was always a candescent means of doing this but the LEDS make it more practical now.this is part one of a 5 article series that was printed in Irish Dentistry magazine and Private Dentistry magazine in the UK. I do give supplier details in the later articles but it was mainly retractors and mirrors. I also give a lecture/workshop to post grads in Northern Ireland and do acknowledge Lester Dine as the inventor of the Ring Flash and list the company as a resource- and I saved your brouchures from AAO to show at next year’s lecture, but when I get the appropriate installment up on the web site, I will certainly mention you, as I presume I get visitors from the US as well as locally.Hopefully see you at the AAO in 2013, and look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Since it’s on the east coast next year, I might be in a position to buy some Dine goodies and get them home to try out or demonstrate to my audience here.Currently trying to get an Eye-Fi card to work is draining my photographic energies!best of luck,Stephen