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Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Taylor, TX From Mallard Creek Dental

Do you have a variety of oral health issues that need to be addressed? If so, a full mouth reconstruction in Taylor, TX could be exactly what you need. We are Mallard Creek Dental, and Dr. Richard Brannock will walk you through the process, helping you find the perfect set of procedures to restore your smile and protect your oral health. Learn more about the process of a full mouth reconstruction below, and give us a call to schedule an appointment!

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction refers to a group of procedures that can be used to address various oral health issues related to genetic issues, injuries, and extensive oral decay. This is a procedure that can help you address missing teeth, fix overlapping or crowded teeth, and address stains or blemishes. No matter how extensive you think the issues might be, we can use a full mouth reconstruction to help you fix these problems and give you back your smile! Contact us today to make an appointment for a full mouth reconstruction in Taylor, TX!

What Steps Are Involved in the Process?

There are a few steps that we follow to make sure that your full mouth reconstruction proceeds exactly as it should. First, Dr. Brannock will sit down with you to discuss your goals and preferences. We will lay out a treatment strategy that has been designed just for your needs.

Then, Dr. Brannock will complete a comprehensive dental exam. This might even use a camera to show you the inside of your mouth, explaining how the various steps in the treatment process will fix your issues.

Finally, we will complete all procedures listed to make sure we do not miss anything. We want to restore your smile to its original, white, vibrant state.

The Top Benefits of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are plenty of benefits that a full mouth reconstruction can provide in Taylor, TX. A few of the top benefits include:

  • We can help you replace lost or missing teeth.

  • A full mouth reconstruction can restore the natural contours of your face.

  • With a full mouth reconstruction, we can reverse signs of aging.

  • We may alleviate pressure on your TMJ, addressing headaches and muscle pain.

  • A full mouth reconstruction can make it easier for you to speak, smile, and eat.

If you are interested in a full mouth reconstruction in Taylor, TX, let us help you!

Call Mallard Creek Dental in Taylor, TX To Explore What a Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Do for You!

If you are looking for the best way to protect your oral health and restore your smile, a full mouth reconstruction might be the answer. Dr. Brannock will work with you to review all of your options and decide which set of treatments is right for your needs. Then, we will follow all the best practices in the field to provide you with the smile you deserve. Give us a call today to make an appointment for a full mouth reconstruction in Taylor, TX!

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